Our staff at the studio is fully committed to not only our own safety during the ever changing situations but yours as well. With that being said , we will be working by appointment only and our doors will be closed to the public until further notice. We are practicing social distancing while being able to control the environment that we all share to the best of our ability. Tattoo stations are always and will be hospital grade sterilized after each client. Our lobby will now have very little to no foot traffic during this time allowing us to keep it as clean as humanly possible. We feel that we are currently able to control this environment as well as our own well beings but we ask that you do the same when your appointment is approaching. If you have a cough especially a dry one, please stay home. If you do not feel good in any way shape or form, please stay home. Please do not bring ANYONE with you to your appointment. We are sharing the same air space for 4-8 hours every day and the less people in the closed room the better we can monitor and control each appointment. We are taking extra steps to insure that your safe and comfortable during your appointments. Everything will be to ours and the clients discretion. We respect everyone’s needs and feelings during this time. If you would like to reschedule for any reason please let us know, it is no worries, your deposit will be honored to a new date. If you would like to book an appointment please feel free to text/call/email/message the studio and we will arrange a virtual/verbal consult and get you in the books. This is designed to drastically cutdown social interactions and to help the effort of keeping things at bay during this time. 
Thank you all for the love and support. 


Rhode Island Tattoo Company

1478 Atwood Ave,

Johnston RI 02919


(401) 854-1330